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-Fiction Only
-Stories Must be Yours (duh...).
-Up to 2 Submissions per day in the "Critic Me" Folder.
-Please do not post in Featured. We will move it if you do.
-Up to 4 Submissions per day in any other folder.
-By limitations of the system, works may not be submitted twice, even to different categories.
-Please make sure you are submitting to the right folder. If you think your entry does not fit in any of the current, please mention it to the staff and we will try to help.
(slightly edited to avoid confusion; thanks dysfunctionalWriter for the suggestions.)

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Okay, we have a contest in the works, then! I'm bored of getting irritated in the down under (don't ask, please), so let's spice life up!

Contest: Surreal Scene Investigation

We all know police dramas and forensic dramas are pretty tangled in reality and mostly base around it, while we also know that the charm of Sci-Fi and Fantasy is how they differentiate from reality. After so many episodes of Gotham, CSI, NCIS, Flash, Arrow, Gravity Falls and the like, I realized no cops came to investigate who stole all the fucks I used to give, so I decided to say fuck that noise and replace it with more noise. Like... werewolves howling and lasers.


The contest will be in three stages and the final goal is for the contestants to make a three-chapter murder mystery in a Sci-Fi/Fantasy setting of your choice, either one you own or one that already exists. As you guessed, each stage will be about each chapter and there will be prizes for each story


:bulletgreen:The story must be based has to be a Sci/Fi or a Fantasy setting, either an existing one or one you make by yourself. It must be clear it's not a regular setting and the Sci-Fi/Elements have to play a large part in the go.
:bulletgreen:The story must have a dead person involved and it has to be told from the POV of the police or its in-story equivalent while they're working to solve the crime.
:bulletgreen:The story must be designed to be a 3-chapter story, meaning each chapter must hold each of the three parts of a story: Introduction, Conflict/Development and Conclusion.
:bulletgreen:Each chapter will have to have at least 350 words and not more than 600. Conjunctions won't be counted in the sum and be counted I'll be checking them.
:bulletgreen:We'll only take works posterior to the date the starting line is announced. So, until the date stated below, no work is participating yet.
:bulletgreen: After the inscriptions for the first stage are done, we will not take any work for the contest. No exceptions, good luck next time.
:bulletgreen:Any fail to meet deadlines will result in instant elimination from the contest. I'll give ample time, so don't miss a beat.


Stage Prizes

These are the prize for each of the stages.
:bulletyellow:First Place: 1 month PM + Feature in the group
:bulletwhite:Second Place: 100:points: + Feature in the group
:bulletorange:Third Place: 100:points:

The Features apply to that stage's works only.

Final Prizes

These will be the final prizes, which will be about the story as a whole.
:bulletyellow:First Place: 12 month PM + Feature in the group
:bulletwhite:Second Place: 3 month PM + Feature in the group
:bulletorange:Third Place: 1 month PM + Feature in the group
:bulletgreen:Fourth to Sixth Places: 200:points: + Feature in the group

Contest in itself will begin in March 1, will decided on the deadline depending on how many folks join in.

This is technically my first contest, I hope I'll make it right. Good luck, ladies and gentlemen.
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Welcome to Write Fiction; a group made to help you become a published author.

Oh, just so you know other groups, we will post in our blogs about contest you are having.







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Thanks for the request! :heart:
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Good thing I found you guys! I'm gonna need all the help I can get If I need a leg-up in the literary game.
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My book is published at last! The Raven's War by Patricia LeAne Owens, published by Dark Oaks Press. It's available on their website,, and Barnes and Nobles.
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I have recently just self-published my novella, the Train, for Kindle and I would like to know if it's okay to submit the cover with a link to the page on Amazon? I am a member of this group and I will be submitting other pieces.
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Um, I just posted two items to the fanfiction folder. Could they possibly be moved to the Critique me folder?? I'm trying to improve as a writer.  
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Do you accept realistic fiction or only fantasy?
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I mean it's not exactly brilliant, far from it. Sorry for my error. Nerves got me.
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Hey, I was wondering where I'd submit a satire essay (it's non-fiction) here, if anywhere.
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